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When you’re hurt on the job in Florida, you should be paid for your lost wages and have your medical bills related to the accident paid for you. Your employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have more than four employees or more than one employee in the construction industry.  Other rules apply to seasonal and agricultural employers. If you are denied medical care after having a work-related injury, or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is refusing to pay your medical bills, get in touch with a Workers Compensation lawyer in Florida right away.

If your employer refuses to file your workers’ compensation claim, or tries to convince you not to file a claim, we can help you file the claim directly with the insurance company.  You already have limited rights in workers compensation, it is not right for your employer to ask you to waive those rights.

Workers compensation lawyer Cameron Brumbelow clerked for a Workers’ Compensation firm while he was still in law school.  He has helped injured workers throughout his twenty plus years of practice.  If the insurance company always did what was right there would be no need for Workers’ Compensation lawyers.  Attorneys in this area of law are busy for a reason.  Make sure to request a free consultation from a licensed Florida attorney.


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    Work injuries are so common that most states including Florida have created their own laws to cover injured workers.  If you feel you are wrongly denied benefits, contact workers compensation lawyer Cameron Brumbelow for a free consultation.

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