Person Struck by Car

In a crosswalk, parking lot, or on a roadway the deadly force of an impact from a car hitting a person directly is enormous.  Even a car backing out slowly can break the hip of a pedestrian if the driver isn’t paying attention.  Don’t let the Insurance company try to make you take the blame for a driver that wasn’t paying attention.  Drivers’ have a heightened duty when they know or should have known that they are in an area frequented by pedestrians.

Cameron Brumbelow has recovered six figure policy limits for his clients in multiple cases.  While each case is different, an aggressive approach along with an early investigation can help everyone see when the value of a case exceeds the coverage.  Even if you don’t think you have a strong case, you should always consult with an attorney before accepting a denial from an insurance company.  The insurance company is in business to make a profit, not to do what is right.  If you feel you were unfairly treated by an insurance company contact our office for a free consultation.  Do NOT sign any paperwork for the insurance company until you have consulted with a licensed Florida injury attorney.

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