Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are unexpected and can turn your life upside down. However, even through your pain, there are things you must do in the minutes, days and months after a crash. Protect your legal claims by doing the following after an accident:

  • Seek medical attention. Even if you feel fine after an accident, you should always get a professional health evaluation from your doctor to ensure you aren’t injured. People often experience an adrenalin rush in the moments following a collision which masks pain that crops up later.
  • Gather information. While still at the scene of the accident, try to collect as much information as possible – including eyewitness accounts and contact info, photos of the accident scene, name and insurance company of the other driver, vehicle parts that broke off, etc. In the coming months, be sure to keep all documents and receipts pertaining to the accident or your medical treatment from the crash.
  • Notify your insurer. Inform your insurance company about the accident. They will likely ask you some questions and assign you an adjustor to handle your claim.
  • Dial 911. Your number one priority following a car wreck is the safety of you and your passengers. Call the police if someone hasn’t done it already, and find out if anyone involved in the collision – including the other driver – is injured and needs an ambulance. When the police arrive, be cooperative and ask them for a copy of the police report to keep for your records.
  • Never admit fault. At no point should you admit liability to bystanders, police, the other driver or insurance agents. Such an admission of guilt could hurt your future car accident claim. It’s best to leave all correspondence to your attorney.
  • Consult a car accident lawyer. In addition to looking out for your legal rights, a skilled personal injury attorney with the right background and experience in car crash cases can expertly navigate you through the complex and tedious legal process of filing an injury lawsuit in Florida.

Too often, auto accidents, truck accidents, truck rollovers, tractor trailer accidents, and motorcycle collisions on local freeways result in severe catastrophic injuries or tragic fatalities. Don’t let the repercussions of your auto accident, such as mounting medical bills, expensive car repairs, and an unconcerned insurance company get you down. If you have been hurt in a car accident, you need an experienced auto accident attorney who understands the aggravations that result from being involved in an auto accident, and who will work to minimize your frustrations while maximizing your chances for a favorable settlement. A person who carelessly operates a vehicle may be required to pay for resulting damages to persons or property. People who operate automobiles must exercise “reasonable care.” Failure to use reasonable care is the basis of most lawsuits pursued by a car accident attorney. Likewise, an owner of a vehicle may also be liable for the damages to persons or property that the person who they entrusted their vehicle with causes./vc_column_text]

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