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Representing the injured for over 20 years.

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It can be hard to find answers after you have been injured. For many this will be the only time you have to deal with such a situation in your lifetime. For real answers about your specific case contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

Cameron Brumbelow

Cameron W. Brumbelow, Esquire


Attorney dedicated to representing the injured for over 24 years.

Melissa Morales

Melissa Morales


Personal Injury and Family Law dedicated to representing your Family’s needs.

Jenn - website photo 1

Jennifer Langworthy


Dedicated paralegal working locally in the industry for over 32 years.

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  • What do I do first after an accident?
  • Where can I treat?
  • What about lost wages?
  • What is Pain and Suffering?
  • How long does a case take?

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